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What is Fused Glass?

Various forms of glass are fused together by putting them in a kiln at high temperatures.  Different temperatures produce different results. The same is true for the rate at which you increase and decrease the temperature. 

Because the kiln has to return to room temperature before being opened, patience is a necessity. From the time you close the lid of your kiln it's ten, twelve, or more than twenty-four hours before you see the results.

Many projects are returned to the kiln for multiple firings before they are complete. 


Every item you see on this site was handmade in my shop. 

I am drawn to art with a function - vases, bowls, plates, drawer pulls, coasters - though snowflakes, stars, and suncatchers also find their way in and out of my kiln simply because they add sparkle to a room.

Because of the time it takes, fused glass requires a lot of patience, of which I have little. I couldn't do it without the help of my lovely assistant, Trixie. She's not allowed in my shop with the glass, but she does wait patiently outside the door for me to come back and hang out with her.

We both welcome you to our site.

Karen Kapler

Tools used in glass work
Sheet glass  stored in my shop
Hand tools used in glass work
Ground glass frit
Trixie, WorkingGlass mascot
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